Holy Shit

Holy shit y’all. It’s been over 7 years since my last post here. I’m now 23 with a full time job and different career aspirations (I want to be an artist in animation). Just wanted to say I had some serious walk down memory lane stumbling back here.

For those who are curious – here a few links to show what I’ve been up to lately



Anyways, just popping by from the grave to do some small clean up (removing broken affiliate links – you have been missed). For some old friends who are still blogging – props on you guys – will prob pop by your comments section to say hi

I’ll fix the theme a bit and maybe organize everything so that it’s easier to navigate. Whether or not I’ll continue posting – time will tell but for now I’d like to preserve these crusty middle school ramblings.

For those who have known me as “Eve” all these years – my name is Alex. Nice to see you again ­čÖé

Breaking News

Because I maintain quite a collection of websites (7 when I last counted), I’ve decided to combine three of my websites into one. Apparently, that means moving Aesthetic rhapsody to another site. (The last time I moved was from blogspot over a year ago) Because my love for J-pop music still stands strong, I can’t get myself to just suddenly quit reviewing so I have spent the last few days uploading these files and adding them onto the new site. You can now visit it at:


For those on the blogrolls: I’m still going to be linking you on the other site but it is up to you whether you want to change links or not.

Thank you for the awesome times during the past year!

to mother

Artist: Yui
Release Date: June 2, 2010
Label: Sony Music Japan
Personal Rating: 4.5/5

1. to Mother
2. Tonight
3. GLORIA ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. to Mother ~Instrumental~

Yui looks really serene in this cover! But the first thought that came in to mind was “why is she not posing with the guitar here!?” And then I remembered how Angela Aki wasn’t posing with the piano in her latest single…

to Mother… could that be a dedication? The great thing is that is sounded very sweet and soothing because all of the instruments of the arrangement seemed to fall in place nicely. I would also like to note a few transition between tones throughout the song which adds more of a flavor to the music. Another great A-side from Yui!

Apparently, Tonight turns out to be a rather short all-out aggresive song compared to the A-side. Overall, the arrangement and vocal performance sounded alright since it’s been a while since I last heard an aggressive song from Yui. ….Maybe I would appreciate the song more if I had?

There wasn’t much of a differences between the GLORIA ~YUI Acoustic Version~ and the original because the orginal was already acoustic to begin with. The only difference is that there’s now a piano. (Maybe if they changed more components -speed, arrangement, etc- I would have loved this version) But this turned out to suit the single well because Gloria is sounds so damn catchy.

Personal Rating: 4.5/5


^Don’t mind the clown, I just had the urge to post it as the heading.

Anyways, I’ll be out of town (which means away from my house where my beloved pc lives) for the next two weeks and will not be able to post anything in my blog at the meantime. Just wanted you guys to know that I’m not dead!

I hope I could come back with some reviews!


Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission Soundtrack

Artist: Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi and Kazuhiro Hara
Release Date: July 16, 2003
Label: Square Enix
Personal Rating: 3/5

1. real Emotion (FFX-2 Mix)
2. 1000 Words (FFX-2 Mix)
3. Seal of the Wind ~The Three Trails~
4. Last Mission No.1
5. Last Mission No.2
6. Last Mission No.3
7. Creature Creation
8. Flash Over
9. 1000 Words (Orchestra Version)
10. Kimi he

Oh gee…. I haven’t reviewed any Final Fantasy Soundtrack in a while! (Though I have been listening to the FFX, FFVII, FFXII and FF XIII soundtracks. They’re all in four discs!) I’ve also noticed that these were released the same time that the vocal collection singles (the ones with Yuna, Rikku and Paine) were released.

Well since the version in the original FX-2 soundtrack was in Japanese, the real Emotion (FFX-2 Mix) just happens to be the English version of the song played in the opening sequence. (Originally sung by Kuu but sung in English by Jade from Sweetbox) Anyways, this is still a pretty hot track but I would rather listen to the full version if I were to fully enjoy this song.

1000 Words (FFX-2 Mix) follows the same case as real emotions: awesome but listening to the longer version would make this song sound more awesome.

I strongly thought that Seal of the Wind ~The Three Trails~ would have been great in the original game’s soundtrack (since the original X-2 was rather… average) because of it’s transitions and developments between the stronger and softer parts. Since I haven’t played Last Mission, I don’t exactly know when the song was used but I’m sure that it would have made the environment of the game more intense with this track!

Last Mission No.1 and Last Mission No.2 sounded quite familiar with all of the jazz elements within the arrangement. The only difference is that No.2 has a saxaphone solo. The Last Mission No. tracks probably weren’t the strongest tracks in the collection.

Even though Last Mission No.3 sounded dramatically different than the previous two, the only downside is that the entire loop of the song is rather short and seems to have been repeated more than a few times throughout the duration. Still not a strong track.

Creature Creation also has a rather short loop time and is rather typical for a background music. Definitely not a keeper.

Now Flash Over is the more driven and intense track of the game! I believe this was a boss battle theme (“Fight with Seymour” for the win!) Another track that could have been in the original F-X2 ost!

1000 Words (Orchestra Version) is okay compared to the original 1000 words version. It seems that in the orchestrated track, Jade sounds like she’s straining her voice a little to give off that dramatic effect. Otherwise, the arrangement still sounds beautiful! (not to mention that I still have this in my iPod playlist after all of these years)

I think that Kimi he is a bonus track since I’ve never heard this song during the course of the game. (And I didn’t play Last Mission) Anyways, it’s sung by Yuna’s Japanese vocie actress, Aoki Mayuko, who does give off quite the vocal performance. (I mean, compared to the other voice actresses in the FFX-2 series *coughcough*) The flow of the ballad seems to take my mind into a different world away from reality. I really thought this was probably one of the best ballads I’ve heard from Mayuko.

Personal Rating: 3/5

Tookutemo feat.WISE

Artist: Kana Nishino
Release Date: March 18, 2009
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 4/5

1. Tookutemo feat.WISE
3. SaturdayÔśćNight feat.GIORGIO 13

Tookutemo feat.WISE seems to have been the turning point in her career. (for the better!) The song is completely R&B oriented. Although I’m not usually very fond of R&B sounds, Nishino showed much improvement in her vocal performance and the arrangement isn’t too typical. Instead of the overused R&B beats, the arranger of the song pretty much went all out on the piano/keyboard sounds. Not to mention, the song is also more memorable than the usualy R&B oriented music.

GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN is a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s original version of the song. I’ve never listened to the original version but I could definiately push through my judgement and say that I only enjoyed this song because of the background music. The vocals and rapping were a little overwhelmed by the instrumentals. Otherwise, this is a decent B-side track.

Finally, SaturdayÔśćNight feat.GIORGIO 13 brings back the awesomeness of the single by displaying old (but catchy) sounds and an energetic vocal performance from Nishino. The song has a very catchy tune. But it does seem that every track on this single has a rapper in it. (Unless they’re all featuring WISE as the rapper)

Personal Rating: 4/5