Tori no Shi/Farewell Song

Artist: Lia
Release date: May 3, 2006
Label: Keys Sounds Label
Genre: J-pop/Ballad
Number of Songs: 5
Personal Rating: 5/5

1. Tori no Shi
2. Farewell Song
3. Aozora
4. Tori no Shi “Remixed Cosmic Seekers”
5. Farewell Song “Remixed Tsukasa”
I know that I’ve been reviewing many anime music for the past few days but lately, I’ve been hooked up with watching serveral anime shows and I’m just thinking that anime shows actually have good music! (Like the dramatic “Air” for example!)

Tori no Shi (also known as “Tori no Uta” or “Bird’s Poem”), probably the best and least dramatic song in the whole single. (And to be honest, the other two songs were REALLY emotional compared to “Tori no Shi.”) A melodious piano interlude is played at the start of the song while the rhtyhm becomes more upbeat as the song progresses. I think this song itself shows the true extent of Lia’s talent for “pop-like” music. (I’m pretty glad that “Air” chose this as its opening theme! The other two A-side songs are also used in the series.)

There’s the Farewell Song that was selected to be Air’s ending theme. I guess the song suits the theme but after watching the first episode of Air, listening to the song made me want to cry. At least I could point out that the song sounds like a really beautiful lullaby.

The last A-side song, Aozora was the most dramatic of all of the songs Lia ever sang. (It was used for the very emotional scene during the last episode of Air.) There’s actually not much of an instrumental in the background and that Lia’s voice was sung in a style that someone would sing when their heart gets broken. I’m just going to simply say that if someone were to actually watch the series and hear this song, you would probably be moved to tears. (Which of course, happened to many people who have watched it; including me.)

The Tori no Shi “Remixed Cosmic Seekers” was one of those really long remixes that have a REALLY long introduction and a REALLY longacoustic interlude. (Like most of the other remixes out there.) I’m pretty sure that if the producers of the single chose the remix companies that Ayumi Hamasaki uses, I think that the remixes would sound better….just an opinion.

The first thing that comes to mind when I listen to the Farewell Song “Remixed Tsukasa” was that it was 9 whole minutes long! That’s longer than the 8 minute “Stairway to Heaven,” and regarding the fact that this is even a remix, I think that it’s too long for a remix!

Yay! My first “5 Starred” review!!! I’ll just say that the one problem is that the remixes are a bit crappy. But other than that, this single has won my heart! 😀
Personal Rating: 5/5



Artist: Lia
Release Date: December 24, 2001
Label: Key-sounds-
Personal Rating: 4/5

1. Natsukage
2. Nostalgia
I got inspired to write this review after watching a really sad drama movie yesterday. Whenever I think of sad songs, I would always think of the anime series, “Air.”

Another rare singer who has yet, a very beautiful voice and a marvelous talent. Just to give some background information, Lia was the singer of “Air’s” opening theme as well as their ending theme. Although “Natsukage” or “Nostalgia” were not played at all during the anime series, it was played during part of the video game. Her voice was used to give the series a somewhat solemn and sorrowful feeling, as the lyrics for each song were intended to make the audience feel that way.

Natsukage was actually an instrumental track for the single. The only thing I would probably say about the first song was that the piano instrumental gave listeners a relaxing feel of the song.

Although I really loved listening to Lia’s “Tori no Uta” song (from a different album), I think that Nostalgia is probably my second favorite song from this artist. It’s starts with a piano interlude as Lia sings in her most dramatic voice during the course of the song. I really thought that the song itself made me on the verge of tears…

Despite the fact that the first track was actually instrumental, I’m not sure if I would recommend this single to J-pop listeners, but if you’re an Air fan, I would definately recommend this for you.

Personal Rating: 4/5