This is Aesthetic Rhapsody, a nice home to all of my J-pop reviews! If I start featuring an artists, it means that I will review ALL of their releases (yeah, too much work but it’s fun) unless they’re in the “other artists” section when I would only review a few of their releases.

I don’t have an “upcoming” list posted on the site but it’s written in a notebook! (filling ten whopping pages!) I like doing things out of order but don’t worry! I’ll get to the releases that I skipped! I have a lot of hobbies so I try to squeeze time during my freetime to review. Happy reading!


1/5 – Who came up with this crap!?
2/5 – Nothing worth listening to.
3/5 – Average. This is the rate that I would probably recommend to listeners.
4/5 – Now you’re talking! Definately an enjoyable cd!
5/5 – Speechless….

About me

Nice to meet you! I’m Eve, currently a 15 year old in high school with too much freetime. But I dream to be a psychiatrist and novelist one day!

I fell in love with J-pop when I watched Inuyasha on Adult Swim back when I was in fifth grade. (More specifically when “Dearest” started playing as the ending theme) Yep, my elementary life musically was mainly anime music but when I entered high school, I became more interested in mainstream pop (via Japanese video games) which had urged me to start a review blog!

I don’t care if people think I’m weird for listening to J-pop so come on! Let’s review and have fun!

Skyline Productions: My blog for my other projects.
Aquamarine Butterfly: My deviant art account.


35 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh! I’d love to exchange links!

    And don’t worry 40 posts will turn into a hundred, then more!

    (btw you have some nice artists already here! can’t wait to see more!)


  2. hi! interesting blog… I like j-music, my favorite artists are younha (although younha is a korean), yuna ito, arashi larcn ciel, and most of all YUI!!….
    by the way, can you guys include me in your link exchange? I’ll add yours now… thanks, see you… keep posting…

  3. hey Eva or Nero ~
    nice to meet you, I have just started my first music review blog.

    Name: Hyperballad
    URL: hyperballad.wordpress.com

    nice to meet you! i have linked you already` (to fill up my empty blog)

    see u around~

  4. Hi Eve! Thanks for the comment! 🙂 Sorry for taking awhile to reply, but your comment ended up in my spam stash -_-;;. In any case, i’ll add the site in a second ;D

    – Megumi

    1. I was actually going to going to review Namie Amuro and Yuna Ito the moment school goes out. I’ve listened to some of Mika Nakashima before and heard of Ai Otsuka…I should probably get their discographies on my written to do list too! Thank You! =p

  5. Hey Eve!
    oh btw the name Eve is beautiful! I just watched Wall-e and ahhhh eve ❤

    anyways I have moved to a new place

    u can go there by click my name !

    and u made buttons! I'm going to use them ❤

  6. Hi. I just started my own Japanese music review blog and I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links.


    it’s called Ashen Twilight also


  7. Hi, I have a question. I’d like to add you to my blogroll but I’m wondering if you also accept “mixed” sites (personal site/blog with commentary on general J-idols/TV shows foreign fandom & reviews on J-dramas/TV shows). If so, then that’s my blog. ^^

    I found you @ the Glitter directory, so that’s how I got here.


    1. Thanks! 😀
      hmm….I’ve actually listened to Aya Kamiki before (but only the “are you happy now?” album)….maybe I will add her….later

  8. Hi, you’ve got some cool stuff on your blog. I wonder if we can exchange links? I’ve already got yours on my blogroll. Cheers.

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