WOW WAR TECHNO - albumArtist: Saori@destiny
Release Date: March 18, 2009
Label: D-topia International
Personal Rating: 4/5

2. Breathe Breathe Breathing
4. Lost
5. Spiral
6. Yowamushi Heart
7. Stainless Starlight
8. Breathe Breathe Breathing (spring breeze rmx)
Just to recap: Stainless Starlight over WOW WAR TECHNO!!!

There’s Breathe Breathe Breathing and it’s (spring breeze rmx) which saves me from the awkward sounds of WOW WAR TECHNO. Bottom line: Great vocals, great arrangement, great rhythm.

EZ DO DANCE, Lost and Spiral had a unique taste within their arrangement. One being a cover song, one being tropical-like, and the other being an old styled synch pop. I thought that EZ DO DANCE blew me away since it sounds like 100% MUCH better then the original version from TRF. These three songs were probably the strongest songs.

Who ever thought that a techno/dance/stnch singer would try to make an attempt at ballads? Usually, singers would fail and that’s the same story with Saori’s Yowamushi Heart. It was boring throughout but at least her vocals sounded pretty decent.

Personal Rating: 4/5



WOW WAR TECHNOArtist: Saori@destiny
Release Date: February 11, 2009
Label: D-topia International
Personal Rating: 3.5/5

2. Stainless Starlight
I really liked the cover back in Japanese Chaos but they just had to reuse the style for her next single….I REALLY hope that they don’t reuse the cover for the mini-album!

WOW WAR TECHNO sounds pretty cool at the beginning but I had no freaking idea what she was saying when she started singing those stock vocals. They’re so low pitched that I thought that some other person was singing. The effects are a 100% percent great but seriously, they repeat the chorus so many times.

Stainless Starlight doesn’t sound any better but at least the actual vocals were much better developed than the instrumentals. Wished they made it a bit more catchy, though.

Personal Rating: 3.5/5

Japanese Chaos

Japanese ChaosArtist: Saori@destiny
Release Date: November 19, 2008
Label: D-topia International
Personal Rating: 5/5

1. Shangri-La
2. Sayonara Revival
3. My Boy (New Vocal Styling Mix)
4. chemical soda
5. My Way
6. Perfect Wonder Girl
7. sakura
8. 0 No Mahou to Hysteric Sniper
9. Hikari Syndrome
10. Sayonara Revival (DENPA rmx)
Sayonara Revival was considered even more impressive than it’s A-side, sakura back in the review for the sakura single. My Boy has a New Vocal Styling Mix. (Which didn’t sound any different then the original.)

Shangri-La just happens to be the cover song of Denki Groove’s. She pretty much personalized the song to match her synch and techno style which made be listen to the original version again.

My Way was the one song that was totally one of its own compared to the rest of the album. The intrumental style is simliar to that of the usually synch style but her tone shows a different story.

Perfect Wonder Girl, and 0 No Mahou to Hysteric Sniper shared that same distinct synch characteristics that Saori is pretty much known for. Both songs have low pitched vocals but at least the arrangements are all catchy.

chemical soda and Hikari Syndrome varies in pace. The chorus goes from loud to soft throughout chemical soda while Hikari Syndrome is very slow and laid back at the beginning until Saori literally pumps up the volume almost too suddenly.

Personal Rating: 5/5


sakuraArtist: Saori@destiny
Release Date: March 26, 2008
Label: D-topia International
Personal Rating: 4.5/5

1. sakura
2. Sayonara Revival
3. Destiny’s Way (connects since mix)
4. sakura (digital mp-3 mastering mix)
5. Sayonara Revival (Instrumental)
I’m honestly digging this cover! ❤

sakura takes a step higher from Saori’s debut single, My Boy! The piano synch was the most unique factor of the song. And for the most part, Saori’s vocals sound a bit more natural. (What’s with the vocoder that everyone talks about?) Even the arrangement is totally fresh! I’m loving this song as much as I love the cover art!

Sayonara Revival is definitely not B-side material! It even beats sakura! It’s pretty darn memorable for the most part and her vocals really fit into the song. Plus, the arrangement actually shows more omph and aggressiveness.

Destiny’s Way (connects since mix) has a weird story. First of all, there’s no original version. Second, I hope that this remix isn’t dramatically different than the original version! Sure it steps out of Saori’s usual synch and techno style and into the upbeat pop style but what the heck does the original sound like?

Personal Rating: 4.5/5

My Boy

My BoyArtist: Saori @ Destiny
Release Date: December 5, 2007
Label: D-topia Intertainment
Personal Rating: 3.5/5

1. My Boy (Original Mix)
2. Our Telepathy (Original Mix)
3. My Boy (connects since mix)
4. My Boy (mp3 digital mastering ver.)
5. My Boy (Instrumental)
Saori’s vocal pitch could really synch with the intrumentals in the My Boy (Original Mix)! Although, her voice sings a bit low, the arrangement isn’t all that overwhelming. I thought that parts and elements of the song was repeated too much but otherwise, it falls into the electronica genre. The rythmic chorus and catchy verses really puts Saori’s career off to a good start!

Our Telepathy (Original Mix) is similar to My Boy style-wise except that the intrumentals go on and off. (Which isn’t exactly very soothing for the ears.) To be honest, I thought that the song itself was a bit boring since there wasn’t any special effects thrown in and it sounded like a song that any sych artist could write.

Personal Rating: 3.5/5