Breaking News

Because I maintain quite a collection of websites (7 when I last counted), I’ve decided to combine three of my websites into one. Apparently, that means moving Aesthetic rhapsody to another site. (The last time I moved was from blogspot over a year ago) Because my love for J-pop music still stands strong, I can’t get myself to just suddenly quit reviewing so I have spent the last few days uploading these files and adding them onto the new site. You can now visit it at:

For those on the blogrolls: I’m still going to be linking you on the other site but it is up to you whether you want to change links or not.

Thank you for the awesome times during the past year!


Home sweet home!

I’m finally back! I’ll be up and reviewing within the next few days! Many thanks to those whose visited the blog during my absence ❤


^Don’t mind the clown, I just had the urge to post it as the heading.

Anyways, I’ll be out of town (which means away from my house where my beloved pc lives) for the next two weeks and will not be able to post anything in my blog at the meantime. Just wanted you guys to know that I’m not dead!

I hope I could come back with some reviews!



I’m so busy! I don’t even have time to log into wordpress anymore! This is really horrible!!! So… I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about this blog yet by giving you a decently long list of reasons:

– I got Pokemon Soul Silver for my birthday two weeks ago: Which is a dead giveaway that I’m totally hooked!
– I also got the new Zelda game for DS!!! I’ve received too many games for my birthday so it’s getting difficult to switch around between games
– Presentation projects: I’ve had at least two projects to finish up this week!
– Prom: seems really stressful
– Term paper: They were due last week but they sucked up a whole lot of energy
– Ap testing: why did they have to be on the same week as my term paper?
– Birthdays!: I had to celebrate at least three birthdays during the past two weeks
– Wedding: Yes, a grand wedding
– Trip planning: I think I already wrote that I’m going on a trip during the first two weeks of June…
– Lab papers: Okay, these take forever
– New blog: I started a short story blog on blogspot last week for one of my english teachers. (Boy, she like my stories for some reason) I won’t post the link because I’m so embarassed!
– Trailers: My brother’s still going to buy me FF XIII as a (hella) belated birthday present so I’ve been speding my freetime reading reviews and watching trailers on you tube because I’m so excited!!!!

Can’t you believe it!? I did so much in one month! (I actually feel proud of this) Finals are coming up in two weeks which also means that the last day of school is in two weeks!!!! I’ll probably post reviews this weekend but the chance might be slim… (Prom, hw, projects, etc.)

– Eve


I was just scanning through my older posts and found my very first post. I remember writing about my plans and how I chose to review J-pop music. This post was written about a year and a half ago so my writing wasn’t all that good. I had a fun time remembering my times with blogspot and I thought that it would be interesting enough to feature it in this post =)

View it HERE!

ha ha. I knew I said I would be busy but I’m really in the mood to procrastinate 😀

Uh oh

May is looking like a sad month as far as things are turning out. -___________-”

Apparently, Ap tests are going to be around for the next two weeks plus, I have a term paper due this Wednesday. There’s my birthday/mother’s day party next weekend and I have my friend’s beach party on the week after. I know I promised that I will be posting reviews on the blog more often over the next few weeks but seems like there’s so much things outside of the internet world that’s not giving me time to review a release or two.

But I won’t be abandonning this blog! I have gone as far as posting 380+ posts and I’m not going to leave this site hanging! So let’s hope that there will be some time that opens up for me to peacefully listen and review some music…


EDIT:// I’ll be busy in June as well. Sure it’s already my last day of school on June 4 but I’m going on a family trip almost immediately after. I (sadly) don’t have my own laptop to bring on the trip with me so I might not be posting much in June either. (That blows away my chance to catch up on some reviews.)

Reviewing Albums

Actually… I think I’ll change back into more concise and shorter album reviews again. Apparently, people told me that my albums reviews were in depth but then visitors aren’t really fond of reading long, text heavy posts. Another reason is that I have put off so many albums reviews mainly because of how time consuming they take to write. @.@

So maybe when I start updating the blog again, I’ll start by writing some (short) album reviews again. =)

Edit:// I forgot to mention that I have STAR testing this week! (Which means shorter days, less homework and more time to procrastinate!) Maybe I’ll start writing again on Wednesday but I still have to catch up on my Script Frenzy entry. D=