Genki Rockets I

Artist: Genki Rockets
Release Date: July 8, 2008
Label: —
Personal Rating: 4.5/5

1. Prologue -Earth Rise-
2. Breeze
3. Smile
4. Star Line
5. Heavenly Star
6. Intermediate -Orbit Swimming-
7. I will
8. Star Surfer
9. Never Ever
10. Fly!
11. Star line (Japanese)
12. Breeze (Summer Afternoon mix)
13. Breeze (Star Breeze Mix)
You may notice that this album review is somewhat smaller than the extra ordinarily long reviews that I write for the other albums because I’ve reviewed all of the singles that were a part of the album and that there are a few remixes at the end of the album.

So of course, we start by hearing an electronica style introduction called Prologue -Earth Rise-. I loved how the beginning sounds like a trance type song and how the rthymn changes througout the song. The song sounded very flawless at first but the one thing that disappoints me a little bit that parts of the song, “Heavenly Star” is played at the end. Not that its something bad or anything, its just that it sounded like a remix of Heavenly Star.

I wasn’t exactly a fan of Breeze when I first heard it in the “Heavenly Star” single but when I heard it again, I began to appreciate it more even though it wasn’t a different version or anything. Maybe you could say that it don’et grasp you at first but if you listen to it a few more times, you will begin to like it more.

I reviewed Smile not so long ago but I pretty much liked this song better than before too. But it didn’t grow on me the way “Breeze” did. But I do remember giving it a high rating for the single so I would say that it was an overall a positive song.

I’m beginning to notice that all of the songs that were made into singles were placed at the beginning of the album! (“Prologue -Earth Rise-” was somehow a part of “Heavenly Star” so it wasn’t anything new either.) Anyway, Star Line wasn’t that new of a song for me either since I reviewed it like…a day ago. It doesn’t share the electronica style that the other songs have but it’s still a great song! Plus, I’m not bored of it after listening to it about twenty times.

The last of the old songs is Heavenly Star. I would say that this song is the best of the first five tracks. Why? It marked the beginning of Genki Rockets popularity and it sounded more catchy, loveable and addicting than the other ones. Just to give you a small hint about what I’m going to write about on the later tracks, there are still some exciting tracks that do beat my impression for “Heavenly Star” so don’t get disappointed about the album just yet.

Intermediate -Swimming Orbit- was, in my opinion, thought to have sounded a little funny. (In a cute way!) There are so many different sound effects that made it sound so cute. I’m guessing that this track was to seperate the old songs from the new songs. (That’s actually a bit creative.)

I’ve always enjoyed I Will because of its trance style voices and acoustics. The reason why I thought it was like a trance type song was because of the somewhat long introduction and how there are many gaps between the vocals and the instrumentals. They were trying something new with the electronica style that they were well known for and they pulled it off with this song! And as always, they sang the song in english. (I think they’ll sing in english for all of their songs because the theme of the band is about a girl who was born in outer space. I’m guessing that they thought that aliens don’t really sing or speack Japanese 0.o) A very enjoyable addition to the Genki Rockets Collection.

Another new addicting song was Star Surfer. There’s another long introduction but at least the beginning sounded really promising. From what I’ve heard from friends, they say that this was one of the best songs in the album; and I totally agree with them! The chorus sounded really powerful and I enjoyed the way the background sounded.

I guess that Never Ever was an attempt to write a slow ballad but I thought that the song was a little boring. Not that I only expect them to only write electronica songs, its just that all there was were the voices and the piano. I would also like to note that the melody of the song sounded a bit too plain compared to the other songs. But at least the singers applied some emotion in the way the song was written. I also just noticed that the song was in Japanese. Maybe they weren’t sticking with their alien not speaking in a foriegn language idea?

Finally, there’s Fly! which happens to be my most favorite songs that the band has ever written! (Although this isn’t exactly the final song in the album, the last three tracks are all remixes and version of the old songs.) After listening to “Never Ever,” I got fired up when this song started playing afterwards! The song shares the same pop-like style as “Star line” so it didn’t have that much of the electronica style. If it wasn’t for this song, I would still be crazy about “Heavenly Star.” (But in the end, I think I like both songs just the same.) A great way to conclude the new songs.

I would generally like to say that I’m sooooo in love with all of the songs written by “Genki Rockets” and that I would like to write a review on every single album and single they’ve ever released! (Maybe its because I’m so in love with their synch style!) Sadly, I’ve already reviewed all three of their releases. (I just hope they release some more!)

Personal Rating: 4.5/5


Star line/Smile

Artist: Genki Rockets
Release Date: June 11, 2008
Label: —-
Personal Rating: 4.5/5

1. Star line
2. Smile
3. Star line (Stratos Mix)
4. Smile (Chemistry of Sound Mix)
5. Star line (Blue Line Mix)
Personally, Genki Rockets happen to be one of my most favorite Japanese band/singers of all time. (Although they sing in english.) I always wonder if they’re ever going to identify themselves but I guess that the secret identity adds another twist when it comes to marketing music. I also wonder if they’re going to make anymore singles and albums since there hasn’t been one after their debut album a year ago.

Although the style of Genki Rockets is usually electronica, they also tend to create electric pop and rock type of music. Star line happens to be one of the few shinning examples that demonstrates the band’s style. And as always, the song is in english. (But that’s the cool thing about Japanese singers, they could sing a whole song in English!)The one element that makes the band unique is that the lyrics, the melody and the rythmn are really catchy, memorable and synched. Genki Rockets also create a lot of positive and up lifting music so thats the great part of the single.

Smile was another uplifting song with english vocals. This time, the song makes it a little bit obvious that there are two singers. (I guess that it was to show that the band had two singers in case new listeners didn’t know.) Personally, I would say that I didn’t really like the introduction of the song so when you first listen to it, it might give you a bad impression at first. But if you continue to listen to it, the song would grow onto you little by little. At least, that what I think.

Like I usually do, I would give a pretty high rating to most of albums and singles that Genki Rockets release. Why? They have the style, lyrics and the beats that is definately the definition of my “favorite type of music.” I like how the band could use the best of their talents and how they show potential to listeners. Another thing to note is that their PVs are also incredibly good! The animations and the quality of each videos left me speechless for a while.

Personal Rating: 4.5/5

Heavenly Star/Breeze

Artist: Genki Rockets
Release Date:July 4, 2007
Label: —
Personal Rating: 5/5

1. Heavenly Star
2. Breeze
3. Heavenly Star (Glorious Remix)
4. Heavenly Star (Sunrise Remix)
5. Heavenly Star (Count Down Remix)
6. Heavenly Star (Space Walk Remix)
7. Heavenly Star (Aurora Remix)
8. Heavenly Star (Floating Remix)
9. Heavenly Star (Instrumental)
The first impression on stumbling upon thie single was that “Whoa, there’s a ton a remixes!” The thing is, “Heavenly Star” was actually the debut single of “Genki Rockets” but it was a total phenomenon on iTunes! (After all, it did win the “electronics” award, or something like that.) But there’s a ton of different covers for this single!

Heavenly Star, one of my most favorite songs of J-pop. (Or should I say English because the lyrics were mostly in English.) The best element about the song would most probably be the flowy background music and the “electric-pop” style vocals. So my impression after giving this a listen was that “No wonder people loved this song. And then II listened to it for about another 20 times. Overall, its a positive song and would let new listeners catch onto this artist immediately! (Like what happened to me.)

Finally, there’s Breeze which didn’t really share the same style as “Heavenly Star” but I guess you could say that the song itself was still satisfying. (Also note that the lyrics are alson in English. Man, this should be an english band, too!) “Breeze” gives more of a calmer feel to Genki Rocket’s style with their music.

Sadly, I don’t review remixes. (And there are so many!) But I would totally give this a 5-star for obvious reasons! This is definately staying in my music collection for the rest of my life! (I mean it!)

Personal Rating: 5/5