Hakanaku Tsuyoku

Artist: Younha
Release Date: January 17, 2007
Label: Geneon Entertainment
Personal Rating: 4.5/5

1. Hakanaku Tsuyoku
2. Aitai
3. Hakanaku Tsuyoku (instrumental)
Hakanaku Tsuyoku took on a completely different side of Younha by turning out to be a hardcore rock song instead of the usual pop. Most of Younha’s vocal performances have been equally strong but in Hakanaku Tsuyoku, she seems to have more confidence driving up her vocals through parts of the song.

Aitai goes back to Younha’s usual style but seems to have more of that elegant and calmness feeling. Like always, her vocals are as strong as ever.

Personal Rating: 4.5/5


Suki Nanda

Artist: Younha
Release Date: November 18, 2009
Label: Geneon Entertainment
Personal Rating: 4.5/5

1. Suki Nanda
2. Sunday
Suki Nanda pretty much had very strong elements popping out all over the place that I actually don’t know where to start! I really loved how the mixture of pop and acoustic instrumentals were incopoerated in a fashion that blends in well with Younha’s voice. And this time, Younha’s voice reigned supreme and not the instrumentals. I also loved how there was a backgroudn chorus that successfully supported Younha’s vocals. A job well done.

Sunday gives off a new taste into Younga’s category as the drums, electric guitars and piano went well with the upbeat-ness of this awesome song. In my opinion, I wouldn’t say this was B-side material and could have made a good A-side as well.

Personal Rating: 4.5/5


GirlArtist: Younha
Release Date: July 22, 2009
Label: Geneon Entertainment
Personal Rating: 4/5

1. Girl
2. Okuri Sobireta Kotoba
Since Younha has moved onto a new label (Geneon Entertainment) Girl sounded quite different than her usual music. (Which is okay since it’s been like, two years already.) I love how the mixture of piano, pop and beats could really blend in well with Younha’s vocals. In a way, it reminds me of Jyongri. (In a good way.)

Okuri Sobireta Kotoba is more dance-like than her usualy pop oriented style. At least, the kick-ass piano is still in her arrangements. But for me, this is good for a B-side.

I’m surprised to see how Geneon didn’t even bother adding the instrumental versions. I totally wanted to hear what Girl sounded like without the vocals…

Personal Rating: 4/5

Ima ga Daisuki

Ima ga DaisukiArtist: Younha
Release Date: September 6, 2006
Label: Epic Records
Personal Rating: 4/5

1. Ima ga Daisuki
2. Inori
3. Ima ga Daisuki (Kankokugo version)
4. Inori (Kankokugo version)
5. Ima ga Daisuki (instrumental)
6. Inori (instrumental)
I thought that Younha did a good job with the cover art here.

Like most of Younha’s past songs, Ima ga Daisuki has the elegant piano arrangement at the beginning which really draws in listeners. (Like me, haha.) With a little pop combination, her vocals were nicely delievered once and again and succeeded to be on my “repeat” playlist.

Now that Inori has entered the scene, I can’t choose whether I prefer the A-side over the B-side. It’s just as addicting as Ima ga Daisuki since the vocals were excellent and the arrangement is rather enjoyable to listen to.

For future reference, the Kankokugo versions are the original Korean versions of the the two songs.

Personal Rating: 4/5