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Kimi ga Inai Mirai

Artist: Do as Infinity
Release Date: January 20, 2010
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 5/5

1. Kimi ga Inai Mirai
2. Fukai Mori
3. Shinjitsu no Uta
4. Rakuen
Kimi ga Inai Mirai has that signature rock and aggressive feel that Do as Infinity showcases but it’s still considered as one of the more new sounds up to date. (It sounds like their older rock music except, that it’s new.) Still, I’m so glas that this was used as the Inuyasha II opening!

I still have to review the 2nd and 3rd tracks but I’ll save the in depth reviews until the time comes. Fukai Mori gives me the nostalgia and reminds me how Inuyasha probably had one of the best endings themes. Shinjitsu no Uta still touches me and Rakuen is ringing in my ears because of how awesome it sounds.

Regardless of the rerelased songs, I am satisfied.

Personal Rating: 5/5



Artist: Do as Infinity
Release Date: July 27, 2005
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 5/5

1. TAO
2. aurora
3. TAO (Instrumental)
4. aurora (Instrumental)
Note: Though it might have been months since I’ve last reviewed Do as Infinity releases, I’m still pumping out their reviews! Let’s just keep our finger crossed that I’ll actually review all of their releases by the end of the year!

Anyway, TAO was released all the way back before Do as Infinity’s disbandment. (They’ve already reunited in 2009) The lyrics clearly states their disbandment – being about two friends going down their separate ways. To add up from the meaningful lyrics, Tomiko Van showcases a powerful vocal performance throughout the song, making the arrangement and the emotion the more uplifting and deep. Probably one of the best Do as Infinity song of all time.

The final B-side before their disbandment was aurora, which had European influences within its instrumentals. This also makes the sequel of the group’s debut song BREAK OF DAWN as well as its ending. (oh, that reminds me that I’ve really got to get some reviews for them…) Very meaningful and unforgettable.

This single is definitely a keeper!

Personal Rating: 5/5

For the Future

Artist: Do as Infinity
Release Date: January 19, 2005
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 3/5

1. For the future
2. For the future (Instrumental)
I know, I’m actually doing a review for Do as infinity! (it’s been so long since I’ve done the last. I’m starting to work on the artists that are under 50% finished.) Anyway!

For the future sounds like the groups usual aggressive style so there really isn’t much for me to say about it. Well, of course the arragnement is new material but the riffs and awesome vocals have been used in the same style so many times before. (Sorry, there really isn’t anything totally “new” about it!)

Personal Rating: 3/5


Artist: Do as Infinity
Release Date: December 15, 2004
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 4.5/5

1. Rakuen
2. Rakuen (Instrumental)
I honestly couldn’t believe it when they announced that “Do as Infinity” was going to reform their band on September of 2008! Seriously, they broke off on September of 2005 so I thought that I would never hear from them again! So here’s a review of one of my favorite singles by the band; Rakuen! (Meaning “Paradise”)

I guess that there’s only one song to review since the fact that there’s only one A-side track on the single. Rakuen was also played as the ending theme for Inuyasha Movie Four. I like how in the beginning, there’s a light instrumental introduction and the during the middle of the song, there was a heavy interlude of electric guitars and Tomiko Van’s aggressive voice. I guess it suits the song.

There’s not really much to say about this rather small single. There’s good song, and no b-sides or other tracks that would effect my impression of the single….except that this one’s definately added to my top favorites! Now I wonder what type of album the group would be recording in the future now that they’re back together.

Personal Rating: 4.5/5