Communication!!Artist: Leah Dizon
Release Date: August 20, 2008
Label: Victor Entertainment
Personal Rating: 4.5/5

1. Step into my world
2. Love Paradox
4. Without a good-bye
5. Vanilla
6. Nothin’ to Lose
7. Lost at Sea
8. Communication!!!
9. Not Too Bad
10. BxKxRxxx
11. Under The Same Sky
12. Thank you
Love Paradox and Under The Same Sky were the first songs of the era and were given a pretty high rating. LOVE SWEET CANDY and Vanilla on the other hand was not as impressive.

Without a good-bye, Lost at Sea, Communication!!!, and BxKxRxxx had a pop and rock oriented feel that was fast paced and had a high level of catchiness. Communication!!! is probably one of the best Leah Dizon song that I’ve heard her sing since its unique instrumentals and new lyric elements.

Nothin’ to Lose, and Not Too Bad were the only westernized tracks on the album. Nothin’ to Lose was actually in complete English with that R&B feel while Not Too Bad had a more pop feel.

Step into my world, and Thank you sandwiched the labum tracks. (With Step into my world being the first and Thank you being the last track.) The reason why I grouped the two songs together was because of how they shared similar aspect of their arrangement. Both songs were very upbeat with a somewhat happy and energetic feeling. In Thank you Dizon literally thanks the people that had helped her in the past. (interesting lyrics, don’t you think?)

Personal Rating: 4.5/5


Destiny Line

Destiny LineArtist: Leah Dizon
Release Date: September 12, 2007
Label: Victor Entertainment
Personal Rating: 4/5

2. Everything Anything
3. Missing
4. Koi Shiyou♪
5. Unmei-sen
6. Could you be that one?
7. Are you feelin’ for me?
8. Softly
9. Time (Clock Of The Heart)
10. Aishiteru~Love Story
11. Wonderlin’
12. L・O・V・E U
13. Drive me crazy
14. Again and Again
15. Koi Shiyou♪ ~yasutaka nakata-capsule mix~
Everything Anything, Koi Shiyou♪, Could you be that one?, Softly, Aishiteru~Love Story and L・O・V・E U made it to Leah’s debut album even though they had their ups and downs.

IMPOSSIBLE, Time (Clock Of The Heart), and Drive me crazy had more synch elements with an energetic feel to it. Apparently, none of these track really impressed me but I thought that IMPOSSIBLE was the one that mostly stuck out.

Unmei-sen, Are you feelin’ for me?, and Wonderlin’ were at mid-tempo, with all of them sounding buncy, laid-back and a little bit of bubblegum pop. All of them had a really fair arrangement but I thought that Wonderlin’ was totally new for Leah. Are you feelin’ for me? is completely in English, by the way.

Missing and Again and Again were the only slower paced songs in the album. Again and Again is sung completely in English. The down side of both of these ballads is that Leah’s voice are at medium pitch; which is good, but she sings really quietly. So quietly that it’s really hard to even hear her vocals. Again and Again was my personal favorite song of the whole album.

Personal Rating: 4/5


VanillaArtist: Leah Dizon
Release Date: June 25, 2008
Label: Victor Entertainment
Personal Rating: 3/5

1. Vanilla
3. Kanashimi to Egao no Naka de
4. Vanilla (Instrumental)
5. LOVE SWEET CANDY (Instrumental)
I decided to try something new while writing this review so I added some a bit of imagery. (Yes, I felt like trying it out just because of the title track.) I’m just doing it for this review, so even if you don’t like the way I wrote this; it’s okay I probably won’t do it again. (Unless there’s another “interesting” title.)

Even thought Leah finally sings in English during the introduction, the rest of Vanilla was like…chewing “bubblegum.” Instead of that awesome vanilla flavor that Leah usually serves us, she ends up giving us bubblegum flavor with a bad after taste. It’s a song with a pretty bland and boring arrangment and we didn’t recieve that same energy that she used with her older songs. “What happened to the Vanilla!?”

At least she gave us LOVE SWEET CANDY to top our bubblegum ice-cream. It tasted more like the energetic and vibrant flavor that she had given us in the past now that she actually sung the song with a bit of feeling. She executed the performance much better than she did with the first serving.

Finally Kanashimi to Egao no Naka de was a pretty good song but it didn’t move me as much since the instrumentals were overwhelming her a bit throughout the song. The background consists of synths and strings. At least she did a bit of a cresendo with her volume near the end which took over the instrumentals.

Too bad that her four-star resturant went back to a three-star. THE END.

Personal Rating: 3/5


L-O-V-E UArtist: Leah Dizon
Release Date: August 8, 2007
Label: Victor Entertainment
Personal Rating: 3/5

1. L-O-V-E U
2. Brand New Day
What? A single without any instrumentals? A total first from an artist who usually includes 3 different songs in a single. Anyways, I thought Leah sang L-O-V-E U pretty well. (Just comparing to her past vocals.) Even though adding background singers made the song seem a bit sloppy, Leah’s vocals pretty much owned the song. But if you put her vocals aside, I thought the song wasn’t really Leah’s best.

Brand New Day was also an “okay” song since the song wasn’t that powerful. (Except for the chorus.) The instrumentals consisted of guitar strings which kind of supported her vocals and made the song sound a bit more gentle to the ears.

Personal Rating: 3/5

Koi Shiyou♪

Koi ShiyouArtist: Leah Dizon
Release Date: May 30, 2006
Label: Victor Entertainment
Personal Rating: 4/5

1. Koi Shiyou♪
2. Could you be that one?
3. Aishiteru~Love Story
Yes I know, I’ve skipped reviewing this single to go ahead and review “Love Paradox,” (which was released much later than this single!) but I’ve heard all about the high ratings for this single so I guess I’ll go ahead and review it now.

So unlike her debut single, Leah’s vocals are much stronger and the song pretty much goes into the “Dance” genre. Koi Shiyou♪ is indeed a really good song with all of the cute vocals and great instrumentals. But the speed of the lyrics doesn’t quite match the speed of the instrumentals. Since it’s a dance song, the pacing of the vocals should be fast, right? But both of the verses and the chorus tend to go much slower than it should be.

Although I thought that “Koi Shiyou” was pretty good, it seems to me that Could you be that one? was much better. Why? The chorus was much more memorable and less awkward. Not to mention, her English sounds pretty  fluent.

Finally, Aishiteru~Love Story is an R&B song that actually doesn’t sound all that annoying but rather catchy. But this time, Leah doesn’t use her cute vocals, instead she uses a low picth voice. (But it gets awkward whenever her high pitch voice suddenly enters throughout the song.) A great song but not considered a favorite.

Personal Rating: 4/5

Love Paradox

Love ParadoxArtist: Leah Dizon
Release Date: March 26, 2006
Label: Victor Entertainment
Personal Rating: 4/5

1. Love Paradox
2. Under the Same Sky
3. Love Paradox (Instrumental)
4. Under the Same Sky (Instrumental)
Love Paradox surprised me by her improvement that she had made since her debut album, “Destiny Line.” (I know, I still have to review more of Leah’s older releases.) This time, she brings us this single with a unique A-side which totally sounds really great to listen to. The chorus sounded pretty energetic and catchy with the combination of English and Japanese. Although it sounds like my “so-unfavorite-R&B,” I still thought that she did a really great job with this track since the beats actually suits the mood of the song: unfound love. (And that it didn’t really sound all that awkward.) I just like how Dizon makes her releases better and better every time!

In contrast to “Love Paradox,” Under the Same Sky sounded much more calmer. It’s not really a laid- back pop song but more on the ballad side….but just a little bit. The background music was something new since it included some sort of electronica sounds. I thought it was a typical song for Leah but I could still say that it was a good song.

Personal Rating: 4/5


SoftlyArtist: Leah Dizon
Release Date: February 14, 2007
Label: Victor Entertainment
Personal Rating: 3.5/5

1. Softly
2. Everything Anything
3. Without your Love
The first thought that came to mind upon looking at this somewhat “interesting” cover was, “What the heck is she doing to the poor bear!?” Another thing that I noticed is that the single was released on the the same day as valentine’s day. Now this makes be wonder what theme the whole single is based on. But let’s not judge this single by its cover now….

I thought that Softly was a pretty good listen. With the laid back instrumentals and the somewhat decent vocals, it made Leah’s A-side a really approachable laid-back ballad. (Although I have no idea how this song corresponds to the cover.) Although she was strong during some parts of the song, I still thought that the ballad was a little bit average but still approachable. I pretty much noticed that Leah isn’t Japanese so I guess she did a really great job with her second language.

Everything Anything was much more uplifting and upbeat than the first track. I thought that the strings in the background was also pretty cool. Although the chorus sounded really nice, but for some reason, some of the parts of the song sounded awkward and a little weird. Just some parts.

Finally, Without your Love was pretty plain R&B type song. Like the A-side, there were some parts where she was strong and some parts where the song was weak.

Overall, I thought that Leah’s debut single sounded a bit average but let’s face it, she’s off to a really good start! “Everything Anything” was probably the track that stood out the most.

Personal Rating: 3.5/5