Sayonara Solitia

saekochibasayonarasolitar6Artist: Saeko Chiba
Release Date: January 21, 2004
Label: Lantis
Genre: Ballad/J-pop
Number of Songs: 4
Personal Rating: 4.5/5

1. Sayonara Solitia
2. Here we stand in the morning dew
3. Sayonara Solitia (instrumental)
4. Here we stand in the morning dew (instrumental)
I’ve always thought that Sayonara Solitia (So Long, Solitare.) was a very beautiful song that was choosen to be the ending of the popular anime series, Chrno Crusade. Since the series was very dramatic and emotional towards the end, the ending theme made me cry even more. The reason for that? It’s the emotion and passion in Saeko Chiba’s voice that’s making us cry. The kind of voice that’s hard to manipulate. The thing about Japanese ballads is that there needs to be the type of voice that makes the listeners feel very touched with their music and I think that Saeko Chiba did an excellent job with that. Another outstanding point about this ballad is that its not as plain and forgettful and seemed like it had a lot of effory put into it.

Unlike the A-side track, Here we stand in the morning dew was more of a dance and J-pop song than a ballad. Saeko uses the same kind of voice except its not as sorrowful as the A-side. For some reason, I really did wish that there was some sort of remix version of this song because I thought the chorus was pretty catchy. Not to mention, very uplifting. A great addition to the single.

Personal Rating: 4.5/5