KISS KISS KISS/aishiteru…

Artist: Ami Suzuki
Release Date: October 28, 2009
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 4/5

1. KISS KISS KISS (Japanese Version)
2. aishiteru…
3. KISS KISS KISS (Extended Japanese Version)
4. KISS KISS KISS (Extended English Version)
5. aishiteru… (extended)
As far as I know, I’ve really fallen behind with reviews…

Anyways, Ami Suzuki’s Reincarnation single that had been released earlier this year was a totaly put off. But know that I’ve listened to the KISS KISS KISS I was like: ZOMG! Ami is back with her dance, dance awesomeness! Everything sounded on count and the arrangement actually syched in well with the voice! There were not off counts, messy vocals or whathamacallits. I’ve also noticed that Ami’s been improving on her english accents when she sings the english segments. I’m totally positive that the song was written by a different producer!

The KISS KISS KISS (Extended Japanese Version) and
(Extended English Version)
really didn’t soudn so different from each other. Except for the lyrics and the language of course.

aishiteru… was a total wow! Just like in KISS KISS KISS, everything was well put together and it was like awesoem by default! Plus, her vocals really led and blended in with the baclground music really well.

After listening to KISS KISS KISS/aishiteru…, I realized that it’s the singer people should be paying attention to, no the song.

Personal Rating: 4/5



connettaArtist: Ami Suzuki
Release Date: March 21, 2007
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 4/5

1. Aozora to Water
2. Alright!
3. Peace Otodoke!!♥
4. Dancin’ Little Woman
5. Hare Moyou.
6. To be free
7. Squall ni Nurete
9. O.K. Funky God
10. Fantastic
11. Crystal
12. Soremo Kitto Shiawase
13. Like a Love?
14. Aishiteru Kitto
The only downside of this release is that there were so many singles released beforehand and it totally limits the amount of new songs…Since there are only three new songs, I did a track by track review for CONNETTA.

So there’s the three singles, Alrght!, Peace Otodoke!!♥ and Soremo Kitto Shiawase which all recieved pretty positive ratings. Both To be free and Crystal were released in a ballad oriented single called “Little Crystal” with an average rating. Fantastic was used as the title track from the second single of the era but also recieved an average rating.
Alright!, Hare Moyou., Squall ni Nurete and Like a Love? all recieved the higher marks.

Aozora to Water was one of the great starting tracks that Ami had since her days at Avex. It sets the laid back theme of the album. There’s also a little bit of the ballad-y touch which makes the song the more peaceful.

Dancin’ Little Woman is also a lighter pop track compared to her past album, Around the World. I kind of thought that the repetition was a little annoying and there were some sloppy parts. (It’s okay since it isn’t really that noticeable.) Dancin’ Little Woman was a good song but Ami can do better.

The last of the new songs is Aishiteru Kitto with a little bit of the tropical feeling. It’s not exactly trhe best ending track fro the album because it seems to focus more on the background effects then the actual song.

Overall, it’s an good album but I really think that she would do a better job with the trance and electronica genre. But ever since I listened to this album, some of the single releases began to sound better. Like as if her older songs grew on me when I listened to CONNETTA.

Personal Rating: 4/5


FantasticArtist: Ami Suzuki
Release Date: February 8, 2006
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 3.5/5

1. Fantastic
2. Slow Motion
3. Fantastic (Instrumental)
4. Slow Motion (Instrumental)
Fantastic does include many of the trance/dance elements that Ami’s voice could really synch with. Plus her vocals were better supported by just the right arrangement. Even though, this is the second single of the “Connetta,” it beats “Little Crystal” by a landslide. Although it would have been nice for the arrangment to have some sort of…melody.

Seriously, when will the Ami ballads end? Slow Motion is literally what the title saids; it’s a very slow paced ballad that doesn’t really seem to be interesting. In fact, the foundation of the song is actually supposed to portray slow motion but it sounds more annoying than interesting.

Personal Rating: 3.5/5


DOLCEArtist: Ami Suzuki
Release Date: February 6, 2008
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 4.5/5

1. FREE FREE (AMI SUZUKI joins Yasutaka Nakata)
2. feel the beat (AMI SUZUKI joins Sugiurumn)
3. Potential Breakup Song (AMI SUZUKI joins Aly & AJ)
4. Bitter… (AMI SUZUKI joins S.A.)
7. SUPER MUSIC MAKER (AMI SUZUKI joins Yasutaka Nakata)
9. Stereo Love (AMI SUZUKI joins Tomoe Shinohara☆☆☆)
10. Ai no Uta (AMI SUZUKI joins ROCKETMAN feat. YOU THE ROCK★)
11. Futari wa POP (AMI SUZUKI joins Hoff Dylan)
12. Atarashii Hibi (AMI SUZUKI joins YO-KING)
13. if
* DOLCE is mainly a colaboration album so there’s many songs the feature different artists.

FREE FREE (AMI SUZUKI joins Yasutaka Nakata) and SUPER MUSIC MAKER (AMI SUZUKI joins Yasutaka Nakata) were given high marks while feel the beat (AMI SUZUKI joins Sugiurumn) and the Potential Breakup Song (AMI SUZUKI joins Aly & AJ) was rated average mainly because her vocals didn’t match those from her older releases.

Bitter… (AMI SUZUKI joins S.A.) was probably the only slow tempo track but it’s my personal favorite tracks from the album! Even though Ami usually give bland performances when it comes to slower tracks, this one totally exceeded my expectations of it.

SWEET DANCE (AMI SUZUKI joins RAM RIDER), Futari wa POP (AMI SUZUKI joins Hoff Dylan), and Atarashii Hibi (AMI SUZUKI joins YO-KING) were mostly the mid-tempo tracks. Although some were annoying like Stereo Love (AMI SUZUKI joins Tomoe Shinohara☆☆☆) with all of the unusual pop-ish elements and the giggling, none of them holds a candle to MUSIC (AMI SUZUKI joins RAM RIDER)! Even though the song sounds different, I like some of the new elements that it presented.

The WeekeND (AMI SUZUKI joins CAPTAIN FUNK) and Ai no Uta (AMI SUZUKI joins ROCKETMAN feat. YOU THE ROCK★) were the more faster paced song. I would most definitely chose The WeekeND over Ai no Uta since YOU THE ROCK pretty much took over the whole song with his annoying vocals.

if is the only non-collaborated song on the album but at least it gives more than just the typical Ami vocals. It’s the perfect song to finish an album after listening to so many different collaborators during the first twelve tracks.

It was cool to see that Ami was trying out a new range of collaborators but I really didn’t like some of them. (My favorites were Yasutaka Nakata, RAM RIDER and S.A.) Much better than the first collaboration album!

Personal Rating: 4.5/5

Little Crystal

Little CrystalArtist: Ami Suzuki
Release Date: December 7, 2005
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 3/5

1. Crystal
2. To be free
3. Place
4. Carry out
5. Crystal (Instrumental)
6. To be free (Instrumental)
7. Place (Instrumental)
8. Carry out (Instrumental)
Crystal is a bit more laid-back than Ami’s usual tracks. Since the single was released late in the year, it’s pretty obvious why the songs sounds very joyful and christmas-y. (The Jingles were also a nice touch to the song!)

To be free has that similar atmoshpere as the A-side since the theme for the single was “winter ballads.” It also has a great arrangement only that it sounds like another song from another artist…. Anyway, it’s a good listen but it doesn’t really sound so original for some reason.

There’s Place which sounded a little boring. To be honest, I really couldn’t get myself to listen to whole song since there wasn’t really anything to look for in the song. Nothing developed during the verses so the chorus didn’t do any better.

Carry out doesn’t help the single get any better. Ami’s ballads from Avex really don’t get all that powerful and memorable. It’s pretty much her laid-back and electronica ballads that really match her vocals. (Just an opinion.)

Personal Rating: 3/5


Around the WorldArtist: Ami Suzuki
Release Date: October 12, 2005
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 5/5

3. Beautiful
4. Sweet Voice
5. Delightful
6. For Yourself
7. Negaigoto
8. Risk
9. Eventful
10. with you
11. Times
12. I’m alone
On a Personal Note: Right now, I’m trying to change the way that I review albums. My hands are hurting from typing so much and my doctor is afraid that my right hand might colapse if I use it too much. (That was the very reason why I haven’t review albums in such a long time.) Well, here goes nothing.

AROUND THE WORLD, HOPEFUL ~OVERHEAD CHAMPION REMIX~, Delightful, Negaigoto, Eventful and Times were fairly impressive when they were released on their respective singles. And there’s only the best ones too! I was surprised that Avex didn’t include About You…

There was a significant variation regarding the genre. Most of the tracks were mainly trance, which is the style that Ami is very well known for. (Beautiful, Risk, and With You.) I always thought that Ami also did a good job singing ballads and acoustic but sometimes her voice came out rather bland. (Sweet Voice, For yourself and I’m alone.) There was some sort of pattern in the album when the tracks were really agressive and then the next track was suddenly very slow and relaxing. I thought that having such a diverse difference regarding genres was a big plus for Suzuki’s debut album.

When it comes to the trance and agressive music, the new album tracks just made Suzuki’s style better and better! With you did a spectacular job on beating “Eventful!” (Since the songs on Eventful’s single just didn’t reach out as much.)

Although  Sweet Voice mainly consisted of only the piano and the elegant feel, For youself and I’m alone focused on the combination with Suzuki’s low vocals and the acoustic guitar. If you ask me, For yourself was probably the best ballad on the album.

Most of the time, Suzuki’s songs on the album really keep the listeners listening to her electronica goodness. There were sometimes when the ballads did get a little bit boring to listen to which always made me skip to the more aggressive paced songs. AROUND THE WORLD really put Suzuki off to a great start for a debut album!

Personal Rating: 5/5


Alright!Artist: Ami Suzuki
Release Date: May 17, 2006
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 3.5/5

1. Alright!
2. Hare Moyou.
3. Alright! (Instrumental)
4. Hare Moyou. (Instrumental)
There’s actually another cover art but I thought that this on was more prettier. The other made her face look a little too happy.

So here’s Alright! which has lost the energetic touch from her older singles. Now, with a more pop oriented arrangement, Ami does attempt to fit her vocals to fit the mood. Apparently, that doesn’t work since we’re already used to her electronica style! Another problem is that she tries too hard to make her vocals really loud. Seriously, can’t the recorders just do volume adjustments?

Hare Moyou. takes another path than the A-side and goes for a more relaxing atmosphere. Either way, the lyrics still go along the lines from Alright! but the intrumentation sounded a bit more like Ami, here.

I just looked up the single and it said that the motto was “Let your summer be Alright!” No wonder it sounded really pop-ish!

Personal Rating: 3.5/5