I’m so busy! I don’t even have time to log into wordpress anymore! This is really horrible!!! So… I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about this blog yet by giving you a decently long list of reasons:

– I got Pokemon Soul Silver for my birthday two weeks ago: Which is a dead giveaway that I’m totally hooked!
– I also got the new Zelda game for DS!!! I’ve received too many games for my birthday so it’s getting difficult to switch around between games
– Presentation projects: I’ve had at least two projects to finish up this week!
– Prom: seems really stressful
– Term paper: They were due last week but they sucked up a whole lot of energy
– Ap testing: why did they have to be on the same week as my term paper?
– Birthdays!: I had to celebrate at least three birthdays during the past two weeks
– Wedding: Yes, a grand wedding
– Trip planning: I think I already wrote that I’m going on a trip during the first two weeks of June…
– Lab papers: Okay, these take forever
– New blog: I started a short story blog on blogspot last week for one of my english teachers. (Boy, she like my stories for some reason) I won’t post the link because I’m so embarassed!
– Trailers: My brother’s still going to buy me FF XIII as a (hella) belated birthday present so I’ve been speding my freetime reading reviews and watching trailers on you tube because I’m so excited!!!!

Can’t you believe it!? I did so much in one month! (I actually feel proud of this) Finals are coming up in two weeks which also means that the last day of school is in two weeks!!!! I’ll probably post reviews this weekend but the chance might be slim… (Prom, hw, projects, etc.)

– Eve


One thought on “Life

  1. Seems like a lot of j-bloggers are also really intelligent, because I’ve seen quite a few talk about AP testing. I took AP classes in high school too, so I know how rough they can be on a person’s well-being!

    Good luck with everything, and enjoy those new games. I got halfway through Soul Silver and then dropped it for Mystery Dungeon. I should probably play some more Soul Silver. 😛

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