Uh oh

May is looking like a sad month as far as things are turning out. -___________-”

Apparently, Ap tests are going to be around for the next two weeks plus, I have a term paper due this Wednesday. There’s my birthday/mother’s day party next weekend and I have my friend’s beach party on the week after. I know I promised that I will be posting reviews on the blog more often over the next few weeks but seems like there’s so much things outside of the internet world that’s not giving me time to review a release or two.

But I won’t be abandonning this blog! I have gone as far as posting 380+ posts and I’m not going to leave this site hanging! So let’s hope that there will be some time that opens up for me to peacefully listen and review some music…


EDIT:// I’ll be busy in June as well. Sure it’s already my last day of school on June 4 but I’m going on a family trip almost immediately after. I (sadly) don’t have my own laptop to bring on the trip with me so I might not be posting much in June either. (That blows away my chance to catch up on some reviews.)


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