Filler post: Discovering J-pop

This was written a long time ago as a comment on Sakura Yume’s blog. It’s a good blog so go and give her a visit if you have time!

I have already stated that “Simple and Clean” was what made me get into Japanese music because it just happened to be the opening in the (awesome) game that I had but now that I really think about it, I have listened to “Simple and Clean” but since I was only in third grade, I really didn’t research the artists, like I do now. (Yeah, so I didn’t know about Hikki until two years later)

Now, what really (really) got me into Japanese music were probably the ending themes of Inuyasha. When I first watched the series, (during one of their reruns on Adult Swim – I first watched it in second grade but my mother told me it was too violent, lol) I really didn’t like “Change the World” but after listening to “Dearest” three seasons later, I just thought to myself “Wow, that song was beautiful.” I thought about the song for a long time until I went onto one Inyasha fansite with music playing the background, which happened to be the full version of “Dearest!” Of course, my reaction was “Whoa, the full version of the song was much more beautiful than the version on tv!” (And then I found out about Ayu)

But it never occured to me that downloading music was possible until I stumbled upon an Inuyasha fansite which provided mp3 downloads for all Inuyasha themes. And my reaction was “What’s an mp3?” So I downloaded every song available and played it on my nifty old jukebox music player and burned it onto a cd. (this was an ancient practice for me) And then I found myself not only listening to “Dearest” but also to “Shinjitsu no Uta,” “Come,” “Grip!” and even to “Brand New World!” And since then, I mainly downloaded anime music until I was probably in eighth grade (like three years later since getting into J-pop) when I stumbled upon “Beyond the Sea.”

I looked through her categories and found artists that I knew but also reviews from their different albums! And from that moment onwards, I decided to download many Japanese music and listen to as many as I can.

Thank you for visiting my blog during my absence! I’m hoping to crank out a few reviews during break next week!


One thought on “Filler post: Discovering J-pop

  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out! Very nice post. I love learning how everyone first met Japanese music. I can totally relate to you being flabbergasted by mp3s. They still amaze me, to be honest. 🙂

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