Sakura Saku

Artist: Kitano Kie
Release Date: February 24, 2010
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 4/5

1. Sakura Saku
2. Brand new way
3. Itsuka Kitto Anata e
4. Sakura Saku (Instrumental)
5. Brand new way (Instrumental)
6. Itsuka Kitto Anata e (Instrumental)
I just love it when the music industry creates some rivalry between artists. In this case, Kitano Kie is the rival of Chikaki Kuriyama when both of their debut singles were released on the same date. However, Sakura Saku had beated Kuriyama’s Ryuusei no Namida single by scoring higher on the rating charts.

Moving right along, Sakura Saku does give some some new freshness coming from a debut artist. Kiitano’s voice doesn’t sound too strainy and novice plus the arrangement isn’t really boring. A decent song, for the most part.

Brand new way is pretty… upbeat. There was just something in the arrangement that made her voice sound completely different than what it sounded like in Sakura Saku. (I’m sure that there was no vocoder) Other wise, I found this song to be rather fun to listen to.

Itsuka Kitto Anata e seems laid back in terms of the contrast of energy compared to the first B-side. There wasn’t really much to look forward to with the song because there wasn’t much of anything in the arrangement whatsoever. If I were to listen to this track on the single, I’ll probably pass.

Listening to really decent singles by models and actersses reminds me that “hey, debut singles may not be so bad after all!” Anyways, this turned out to be great.

Personal Rating: 4/5


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