I deeply apologize for the sudden notice. I have started a portfolio website called Skyline Productions not so long ago but as I started to set up the pages, I found that even maintaining only one website was already taking too much time.

However, over the course of one year, I found that Aesthetic Rhapsody was too important to my High School life to shut down so I decided to make it a part of Skyline Production.

But because of the attempts of actually fusing the review blog with portfolio type sections, I made sure that Aesthetic Rhapsody was still a site of its own while being a part of Skyline Productions.

So here, I proudly present to you the new Aesthetic Rhapsody! (now hosted on my hosted account)

To Blogrolls:
I have added your links on to the new blog. Please change my link to:

(note: I will NOT delete this blog. Because I have exported an imported original posts on to the other blog, the posts still uses the images hosted on

~Thank You


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