Kanashii Uso

Artist: Tiana Xiao
Release Date: May 20, 2009
Label: Imperial Records
Personal Rating: 4/5

1. Kanashii Uso
2. Promise
3. You’re My Heart
4. Kanashii Uso (Instrumental)
5. Promise (Instrumental)
6. You’re My Heart (Instrumental)
(Drat…I need to review her album!)

Kanashii Uso has that laid back atmosphere with the addition of the guitar and natural vocals. It was nice to hear Xiao’s transitioning from low pitched verses to the higher notes used in the chorus. The best part of the song would probably be the chorus as her vocals seem the most powerful and emotional within the part of the song. Tiana’s english isn’t so bad either!

Promise sounded more like a lullaby than a ballad. Regardless, the piano was probably one of the most charming elements of the song and the vocals sounded rather sweet. Pretty soothing in terms of the mood.

Finally, You’re My Heart soudned stronger than the other two songs, with Xiao switching from English to Japanese vocals throughout and had projected her voice with more emotions than the A-side. Personally, I thought that Promise sounded better but in terms of music and composition, I’ll say that You’re My Heart did the greater job.

Personal Rating: 4/5


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