New Artists 2.1

Right now, I have a lists of reviews to complete as well as a list of new artists to feature on the blog. I’ve got a new years resolution to reach 500+ reviews this year! (Which means more artists as well!)

Ai Otsuka: Everyone seemed to be featuring her. But when one of her songs popped up on one of the channels I was like this girl sings well. It was funny that I thought of her vocals before I analyzed the composition of the song. Regardless, I will definitely feature her sometime soon.

Aira Mitsuki: I don’t listen to techno very often so I have Aria Mitsuki a try. In the end, I felt the energy from her music so she’s definitely on my upcoming list.

Beni: I thought her last single Sign was really refreshing so I was like Yeah, she’s definitely someone I would feature on the blog. I will probably only review her releases with Universal Music Japan but I’ve gotta say that her older music was great as well!

Girl Next Door: Sure they’re not a shining example of a rock band but I don’t write very negative reviews very often. (hehehe) Well, it depends if I actually like the music or not.

Namie Amuro: I’ll add her as soon as I finish review another mainstream artist’s discography. (I’m almost done with Ayu!)

Rie Fu: OMG! I’ve loved Rie fu for a long time! I honestly don’t know the reason why I haven’t added her yet!

Yuna Ito: She’s one of those artists that I have been meaning to feature on the site for a long time but I never got the chance to…

Other artists that I’ve considered: Miho Fukuhara, BIG BANG, Perfume

Look out for these artists but it might take a while before I could start featuring them. (There’s just so much to review!) If there are anymore artists you want me to feature, don’t be afraid to comment and I will definitely consider them!


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