I have demoted the following artists from full feature. (In other words, they get stuck on the “other artists” section on the bottom of the index because I don’t want to review their full discography.)

Erina Mano: After reviewing Hajimete no Keiken, I somehow just lost the interest to listen to her later releases. I gave her album “Friends” a try but I got bored after listening to the third track. But surely, if she does release a strong release sometime in the future, I will be happy to put her up on full feature again. All she has to do is keep on improving. (But it’s been quite a while since her first release right?)

KOTOKO: Don’t get me wrong, KOTOKO is a very talented singer. The reason why I removed her though, was because I only listen to her songs from Shakugan no Shana and for some reason, I’m just not that interested enough to give her other releases a try. However, I did enjoy her Shakugan no Shana music greatly and if another release for the anime would come, then I will definitely put that on my to-do list.


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