LAST ANGEL feat. Tohoshinki

Artist: Kumi Koda
Release Date: November 7, 2007
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 2/5

1. LAST ANGEL feat. Tohoshinki
2. Dear Family
3. LAST ANGEL feat. Tohoshinki (Instrumental)
4. Dear Family (Instrumental)
What a very bright cover….

Anyways, LAST ANGEL feat. Tohoshinki is a total trainwreck after listening to it a few times. For those who do not know, Tohoshinki is actually a name of a (somewhat popular) Korean band that’s doing a collaboration with Kuu in Japanese. However, the worst part about it is that the boys just can’t sing without Kuu playing “powerhouse” and their Japanese just doesn’t sound so…..natural. Although I thought that the arrangement sounded pretty cool, the whole song seemed really off whenever the band sung.

I think that the only reason why Dear Family sounded better was because Tohoshinki weren’t singing in it. (No offense to Tohoshinki fans out there: it’s just that they can’t sing Japanese very well, but I do believe that they can sing K-pop much better!) Kuu’s vocals soudned very strogn and went well with the laid back arrangement. Something worth listening to after listening to the A-side.

Personal Rating: 2/5


3 thoughts on “LAST ANGEL feat. Tohoshinki

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  2. Tohoshinki is not good. But this song is very good. And it is very popular. Probably you are the very few who does not like this very good song.

  3. Hi there! This is my first comment on here. (Its cool that you’re name is Arisa. Mine is Alisa, so its pretty much the same thing!)

    Great review, I totally agree about Kuu playing “powerhouse,” that was a great way to phrase it.

    I’ve just started a review blog too so I hope you’ll drop by! This is by far the best review blog I’ve seen.

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