Artist: MiCHi
Release Date: September 30, 2009
Label: Sony music Japan
Personal Rating: 4/5

1. MadNesS vol.1
3. ChaNge the WoRLd
4. Why Oh Why
5. HEy GirL
6. KiSS KiSS xxx
7. RaiN
8. Oh Oh…
9. Something Missing
10. One of a Kind
11. WoNDeRLaND?
12. Shibuya de Punch
13. YOU
MadNesS vol.2 appeared on one of MiCHi’s older album but it’s the MadNesS vol.1 that I really didn’t like. (I thought vol. 2 sounded better) I thought it sounded a bit lengthy for an intro track and it didn’t really grab my interest as much. But hey, I promise you that the rest of the album sounds much better!

PROMiSE sounds pretty cool with the awesome English vocals and the powerful voice throughout the song. I like how there’s a build up with the instrumentals which makes the vocals sound the more appealing to listen to. There are also some segments of the song that sounds pretty cool with all of the rapping.

Looks like ChaNge the WoRLd took after PROMiSE. Not to mention that they really do sound like they’re from the same category but there’s more added to ChaNge the WoRLd. (Like more instruments and English verses.) But for some reason, I prefer PROMiSE since there’s a more powerful chorus and the song seems to stand out more.

For a minute, I thought that the title Why Oh Why sounded really familiar until I realized that it’s acutally a remix of YOY. (Which turns out to mean “why oh why,” too) This club remixed version sounds buch better than the already-good original version. Definiately one of my favorite tracks.

What’s with the elephants in HEy GirL? Anyways, it doesn’t really beat PROMiSE but it’s really interesting to hear how the tone of MiCHi’s vocals sound like she screaming at someone.

Believe it or not, KiSS KiSS xxx may have thought to have been one of MiCHi’s most addicitng songs ever but there are still elements that have been carried on from PROMiSE. (Which was like three releases ago.) Plus there’s ChaNge the WoRLd that already sounds similar. I’m just thinking that MiCHi probably needs to try something different with her songs. (Preferably something MUCH different from PROMiSE.) At least her vocals are still a big plus.

RaiN turns out to be a really short acoustic based song (but not acoustic enough to be considered a ballad). Anyways, it’s a pretty nice listen and somehow makes me want to listen to it a few times. It’s funny to see that people actually didn’t like this song.

MiCHi sure has some aggressive lyrics. The power of Oh Oh… sounds really strong with all of the high-pitched vocals that are meant to sound angry. I seriously don’t know why MiCHi’s always showing her anger with her music. Personal problems, maybe? But at least her emotions seem to be the one reason why she’s so popular. Great song, though.

Something Missing is sure loaded with energy! The drums are everywhere and the chorus doesn’t fail to capture my attention! Surprisingly, the song has pretty depressing lyrics for some kick-assed song. I think I’m starting to become a fan of MiCHi’s lyrics too!

One of a Kind is actually a pretty aggressive song with all of the lyrics completely in English and there’s like no resemblance with her older songs. (Except for the fact that sdhe still sounds like she’s pissed off at someone.) But I’ve gotta say, it didn’t really bowl me over despite the fact that it sounds like its own kind.

WoNDeRLaND? sounds pretty underwhelming but the new thing is that she speaks French for some parts of the song but then there’s that harmonica that somehow mixes well with the song. Let’s just say that this song was okay.

Shibuya de Punch didn’t seem as good as I expected it to sound like. I mean, sure there is that cool synch arrangement that people love but for some reason, it just didn’t grow on me the moment I first heard it. Hmmmm…..maybe it will grow on me someday. But I’ve gotta admit that those lyrics are pretty damn powerful.

The introduction of YOU had a nice feel of piano instrumentals accompanied by a series of humming performed by MiCHi. Unlike her past songs, YOU has a more melachonic mood to it andis not much of a dance, pop or rock oriented track. It’s like when Ayu’s release of Guilty when all of her songs were all about her mixed emotions and the burden of her deafness. This is a good change but I would miss the good ol times when she sounded all wild if this would be her music style in the future. Its cool that this just happens to be the only ballad on the album.

Who would have thought that UP TO YOU would happen to be the remade version of her “so-called-awesome” Fuck You And Your Money? It sounds more pop than the original but for some reason, I like the older version better…

Personal Rating: 4/5


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