Crazy 4 U

Artist: Kumi Koda
Release Date: January 15, 2004
Label: Rhythm Zone
Personal Rating: 3.5/5

1. Crazy 4 U
2. Yume with You
3. Crazy 4 U (Akakage’s crazy love remix)
4. Crazy 4 U (Instrumental)
5. Yume with You (Instrumental)
I really loved Kuu’s ad-libbing at the beginning of Crazy 4 U. (I don’t know, I just really love it when singers ad-lib) The song is R&B oriented with a great mixture of Kuu’s uplifting vocal performance and well arranged chorus. But even with well sung vocals, it still can’t hide the fact that the instrumentals sounds a bit awkward. It’s a pretty decent song, anyways.

Unlike the A-side, the B-side, Yume with You actually had stronger instrumentals but weak vocals in the beginning. At least the vocals do get stronger near the end of the song. Another decent track but it doesn’t beat the A-side.

Althgouh the original sounded pretty good, the Crazy 4 U (Akakage’s crazy love remix) really ruined the coolness of the song. Plus, the remix soudned more lazy than crazy.

Personal Rating: 3.5/5


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