I loved Yesterday

Artist: Yui
Release Date: April 9, 2008
Label: Sony Music Japan
Personal Rating: 3/5

1. Laugh away
2. My Generation
3. Find me
4. No way
5. Namidairo
6. Daydreamer
7. Love is all
8. I will love you
9. We will go
11. My friend
13. Am I wrong?
Laugh away was actually released as a digital single before this album came out. Anyways, I thought it was a really strong opener to the album with all of upbeat-ness and string instruments serving as the background to support Yui’s fast vocals. Whoever arranged this song is awesome! (Since I literally had the song on repeat for a while.)

Like the usual Yui, My Generation is a very uplifting and mid-tempo track that never fails to make you feel happy. It’s kind of reminds me of some of her old tracks only that her voice doesn’t sound as awkward. Another signature Yui element included was the expertly played electric guitar in the background. It’s nothing new but it’s still worth listening.

Although, Find me sounded so-so for a Yui song as the tempo of the song is pretty slow. She still displays a strong performance with her voice no matter how boring and calm the arrangement sounds. And like always, the instrumentals has some type of guitar as its focus.

No way is a pretty aggressive interlude with very powerful guitars playing all over the place. That’s right, no Yui vocals in this one.

Namidairo, sounded like a extremely beautiful song. Anyways, I thought that she sang this song pretty well now that she finally decided to apply some sort of emotion to the song. (She usually sings with no feel at all so this song is significantly different than the rest.) The overall song sounds a bit sad yet it’s still a bit of a laid back pop.

Daydreamer didn’t seem anything new. It still has the typical mix of guitars and drums along with Yui’s vocal style of singing in a mid-tempo. Sure it’s a decent song but we’ve heard something like this from Yui already.

At least Love is all gives us a change of pace. I just love how the chorus seems to be the powerhouse of the entire song since Yui seems to literally give it her all. It’s decent but it’s not my favorite from Yui.

I will love you is a real bored. To start things off Yui sounds a little mono-tonish with this song and the pace of the song just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I quickly moved onto the next rack since the whole arrangement is predictable.

We will go, one of my favorites from this album, (the other favorite was Laugh away) is very uplifting with the energetic guitars and percussion that wakes me up from the boredom of the last few tracks. And this time, the chorus doesn’t appear to be the only thing that rules the song.

Even though the title, OH YEAH tends to stand out with all of the capital letters, the song itself doesn’t match it because of the fact that it’s really short. I liked the happy feel of the song, but it soudns very so-so.

My friend actually sounds really nice as the chorus is arrangened beautifully to go with the strings in the instrumentals. The one elements that makes this its own song is mainly because of how the guitar is actually used to control the feel of the song. (But this wouldn’t really stand out as much if the other songs weren’t so average.)

Although Yui is popular for her fast tempo pop and rock style, she plays with the more sorrowful style. LOVE & TRUTH starts at a very gloomy tempo but then the electric guitar played in the background doesn’t pick up the pace until at least 1/3rd of the song is played. Not to mention that her vocal style became more ballad-like and attempts to make the song sound beautiful. I guess she did a decent job but I wouldn’t really call this my favorite Yui song.

The final track, Am I wrong? didn’t seem like a good ending to the album since it’s still in the same category of so-so. (Do I really need to repeat that word?) Really, there’s nothing really interesting about this track. In a way, it made me feel that there’s still more things to be added to this album and that this song just didn’t cut to be the last song.

Here’s another album review this month! Looks like I’m making up for the lost of time, right?

Personal Rating: 3/5

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