my life

Artist: Alan
Release Date: November 25, 2009
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 3/5

1. reflection ~overture~
2. Swear
3. One
4. Mitsumeteitai
5. Namida (Smooth Jam Mix)
6. Lost Child
7. Butterflies
8. Essence of me
9. Call my name
10. Shiroi Tsubasa
11. Nobody knows but me
12. BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~
13. Kuon no Kawa
14. my life
Times have gone way to fast and alan has yet released a second album in the 2009 year! Anyways she at least has a better album cover than the first.

The reflection ~overture~ had a similar style to her tennyo ~interlude~ from Voice of Earth: all instrumentals and some vocals. Even though I actually preferred tennyo, I still thought that this was a decent opening for the album. Decent enough for me to want more.

Swear was alan’s attempt to sing mainstrem pop after Kaze no tegami and Sora Uta. The only thing the differenciates the album from the single version is that alan’s vocals actually fades into the song and doesn’t just sing right away. Still, it didn’t do much to change the fact that it’s boring.

One has the same story as Swear, I’ve heard something like this already. (A pop song with nothing interesting.) It’s not that it isn’t unique- no, it’s because there’s no colors in the song that any listeners can see. (*cough* “listen.”) Pretty bland, enough said.

Mitsumeteitai goes back to alan’s signature ballads but here’s the thing: there’s nothing to listen to except for a couple of piano notes and a quiet acoustic guitar. Just think of this like a drag king version of Megumi no Ame except boooooooooooring. At least you can still feel alan’s emotional voice.

Oh wow, a Namida (Smooth Jam Mix). (A remix from a song she sang ages ago) Even so, there isn’t really much of a difference from the original since the only thing added are beats and a few other instruments. I didn’t really think that there was power in the original version anyways, so I didn’t really like the remix.

Lost Child is more of an R&B oriented track (yeah I know, right!) but still doesn’t appeal too much for me. I thought at maybe if she expands her expirence with R&B, she would probably have better luck in this genre than pop. Regardless, it’s still boring since there’s only piano that serves as the background instrumentals.

Butterflies is still zzzzzzzzzzzz. Now think of this a another attempt to get as good as Sora Uta, but here’s the thing, the chorus has nothing, the verses has nothing and the arrangement is nothing new. I’m starting to think that this whole album is cliche!

Essence of me finally shows something for alan that we’ve never expected: Synths! Beats! Instead of her boring pop and usual ballad, there’s a freakin dance song in this album! But then the sad fact is that majority of the song is intrumentals and the dance music doesn’t really suit her. But still, it makes me happy since the first seven tracks were a snore!

Call my name now has colors. It’s still a dance oriented track but at least all of the components are worth a listen. It’s still a little boring but who cares, it’s one of the best new songs on the album!

Shiroi Tsubasa is like one of the those acoustic ballads that she’s sung in the past. Something l would pass since it’s pretty but nothing new or exciting.

Nobody knows but me is another contributor to the snoozefest. The only redeeming factor is that there’s *drumroll* mountain wailing! But still, boring song to apply it to…

BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~ is still nice and boring as it already was. At least Kuon no Kawa seems to be the only old song that’s worth adding onto the album. Although it would have looked better in her first album since it’s not cliche and boring like the other songs were.

Finally, my life sounded something like it was saved for last. Pretty track. And it was worth my time to since it didn’t sound like another song that I’ve already listened to. In all, it’s not only unique but interesting. (I’ve been wanting to say that throughout the whole album but I guess this is the only song that gets to have all of the glory.)

Seriously, the album so did not live up to its awesome cover art! If the cover art’s pretty, then the albums should be good, right!? This barely holds a candle to Voice of Earth! Man, going track by track is really time consuming! Maybe I still stick to the way I usually review albums…

Personal Rating: 3/5


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