I’m back!

I guess I forgot to include this back in the first filler post:

Let’s just say that during the whole month of November and December, you could say that Aesthetic Rhapsody was on an undecalred hiatus. (Since I did not really udpate most of the time.) Now, I’m officially back with the desire to really catch up on reviews like: alan’s my life, all Kuu releases and MiCHi’s Up to You. Of course there are much more things to review but that’s my focus for now.

I’m thinking about changing the way I review albums again. Just looking at my short album reviews makes me think that I’m taking too many shortcuts to get album reviews out of the way. Plus, I like writing long reviews, the only problem is that my free time doesn’t allow me enough time to finish an album review during one sitting.

By the time winter break ends, I’m probably going for three reviews a week. Even though it may not reach the criteria with the Upcomings list, I would like to maintain at least 12 reviews a month just so that you guys know that I’m still willing to keep the site for all of 2010.

My New Years resolution for the site is to get around 650 posts. (And this time, I’ll be updating during Summer vacation since my computer broke last time.) I also want to have a larger selection of artists so I’m working on listening to newer artists and music. (last.fm keeps on switching the artists that I’ve already listened to)

I’ve been maintaing websites in the past but Aesthetic Rhapsody had been my biggest of them all! (And this is the first time that I’ve ever maintained a site for over a year!) Thank you again for all of your support!



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