Artist: Kana Nishino
Release Date: February 20, 2008
Label: SME records
Personal Rating: 3.5/5

1. I
2. In Stereo
3. Just a friend
Reviewing Kana Nishino was already in the Upcoming list so right now, I have no guilt in starting to feature another artist! =D

I wouldn’t say that I was an ideal debut. As of now, It’s like wow, Kana Nishino must have been a real noob back when she first started. But that’s okay because I’ve already listened to her latest release and LOVED her vocals. I is a combination of pop and rock with a hint of Kana’s uber sqeaky voice. Although it wasn’t my idea of a strong debut, I still thought that Kana went off to a good start.

Now In Stereo seriously didn’t sound as memorable. It’s not really Kana’s fault because the arrangement did nothing to engage me into the song. Regardless, Kana’s voice still has the Engrish and her vocals are still a bit squeaky.

Just a friend is still B-side material even though Kana made a total genre switch. This time, it’s R&B and it suits Kana’s vocals pretty well. But I’m still not so sure that this is the best genre she could sing in…

Personal Rating: 3.5/5


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