I’m Back!!!!

This has been one hell of a months so far!!!!! No reviews for now for a number of reasons. Well, here comes a decently long post!

Now for the update on NaNoWriMo: I have decided to leave it off for next year. The reason for this sudden decision was because there were already so many things on my plate. Ever since I started my novel project, my grades had been slipping and I’ve been neglecting my chores and hobbies like blogging, drawing and ballet. I’ve also have so many events popping up all November so I thought that this year was probably not the best time to write a novel. (Although I had this really really really really awesome idea coming in my head!!!!) Looks like I’ve gotta to wait until next year, right?

I do this every year but even so, it takes so much time! I have a ballet recital during all of Thanksgiving week but there has been so many rehersals coming up and causing me to cram with all of my physical strength. (Like nine hours worth of dancing every week.) There’s one more week left!!!

I’m also participating in the school’s holiday faire. (You know, when you have to make so many products and then sell them at the event. Pretty much like being a vendor except that it’s for your school) I’m seling knitted scarves and jewelry which takes a really long time to make. It takes a day to make one complete braclet and a week to knit a thick and long scarf. I least I’ve been starting this project during the Summertime but there’s still a lot to finish up. The faire is during the second week of December but there will be a ton of things taken off of my to do list after Thanksgiving so expect some updates and reviews by the end of November.

Finally, here’s the number one reason why people don’t go online so often: schoolwork and studying. Since my school’s been having so many minimum days and breaks during the month, our teachers tend to assign an incrediblily ridiculous amount of homework and exams all the time! I’ve been losing track of time and forgetting things here and there. And now there’s finals in about a month so as of this week its study, study, study!

Thank you guys for being so patient for the last few weeks that I haven’t been updating and I really appreciate your support! Please expect a review by the end of the month!



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