Here’s a few things that I’ve been considering and I need your answers! Please answer honestly and I’ll make sure to consider your replies! Thanks!

Should the blog move off of wordpress?
Should the index page be rennovated?
Any new artists you want to see?

New reviews will appear underneath this post!


6 thoughts on “Rennovations?

  1. 1) moving away from wordpress–i guess it is your own choice, see if u dont like wordpress anymore? the wordpress tag attracts many new readers in wordpress. but away from wordpress u can be more free, like layout and blah blah

    2)NOO!! i lvoe the index page!! it is the most amazing index page i have ever seen~ and i myself have used ur wonderful idea ❀

    3)Shiina Ringo? u wont like her first time, or u will love her immediately..but her stuff gets on to u ..

    ~how about Beni? a more mainstream artist…

    -hope i helped!

  2. 1) Should the blog move off of wordpress?,/strong>

    It is your choice but I think WordPress is one of the best places to put out your blog. You can try Blogspot but it’s actually more frustrating than you think. Stay here.

    2) Should the index page be rennovated?

    Again, it is your choice. However in my opinion, maybe you could change your theme, maybe to something more catchy. But I don’t mind, it depends if you want more people to visit and comment. Take your time in my opinion really.

    3) Any new artists you want to see?

    New? Maybe Goto Maki, , you could also do Hiromi , she

    Putting it into a list:
    – Maki Goto (her album, SWEET BLACK came out recently last month)
    – Hiromi (go to Youtube, to Hiromi – YES, she has an album called Rainbow).
    – Crystal Kay
    – Buono!
    – YA-KYIM
    – Perfume
    – Morning Musume
    – C-ute
    – Otsuka Ai
    – May J.
    – Berryz Koubou

    Also more J-Pop boy artists. I spent 3 years listening to J-Pop but can’t really get into any songs except from some of KAT-TUN, EXILE and Rip Slyme. Also AKB48. I want to acknowledge all of J-Pop greatest artists now.

    1. I’ve already have Jyongri and I was considering adding Otsuka Ai, Maki Goto and Perfume. I heard Hiromi, Morning Masume and May J. were also good so I’ll definitely give those artists a try.

      I’ve tried Blogspot and I will most definitely not move my blog back there, lol.

      Thanks a ton πŸ˜€

  3. 1.It’s probably better to stay in wordpress because of tags..
    2.I LOVE your index page, it’s very aesthetically done XD
    3.Aoyama Thelma/Matsushita Yuya/Bonnie Pink
    I also really love your banner!

    1. Thanks a ton! Adding Bonnie Pink and Aoyama in the future (like next month) is a total plus! I’ll probably try Matsushita Yuya too πŸ˜€

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