Progress September 2009

I think I’m going to do this progress thing once a month…

Alan: 100 %
Ami Suzuki: 65%
Angela Aki: 50%
Ayaka: 100%
Ayaka Ikio: 100%
Ayumi Hamasaki: 73%
BoA: 4%
Do as Infinity: 4%
Erina Mano: 100%
Every Little Thing: 15%
Genki Rockets: 100%
High and Mighty Color: 11%
Himeka: 100%
Hitomi Shimatani: 13%
Jyongri: 100%
Kumi Koda: 32%
Leah Dizon: 71%
Shoko Nakagawa: 44%
Utada Hikaru: 81%
Younha: 11%
Yui: 33%

1207/2100%= 43% more to go!
(Since I’m actually on track, I probably won’t add any more artists until I have 10% left.)


One thought on “Progress September 2009

  1. You’re not doing so bad actually. But I guess the only ones that I would read would be Ayaka, Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA, Jyongri, Kumi Koda, Leah Dizon and Utada Hikaru.

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