NOTHING FROM NOTHINGArtist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Release Date: December 1, 1995
Label: Columbia Japan
Personal Rating: 1/5

1. Nothing from Nothing (single version)
2. Limit
3. Paper Doll
4. Gut it-pez
5. Nothing from Nothing (album version)
On a personal note: I’m getting really close to finishing Ayu’s discography! I hope to finish her in about a month but the problem is that there’s so many albums! I’m beginning to even aviod writing albums since they take to damn long to write.

Nothing from Nothing (single version) is actually a rap incoporated track so there’s absolutely no way anyone could compare this single with any of her releases with Avex Trax. Sadly, this was Number 200 on the Oricon chart so Ayu didn’t really start popular. Her vocals sound horrible with this song and there’s also the fact that the whole rap is actually over 6 minutes long. (over 6 minutes of horrible rapping.)

Another long song!? Limit actually shows that Ayu didn’t take the right kind of voice lessons. For the most part, her pitch isn’t well controlled and her vocals were ugh… Unlike her songs today, the lyrics didn’t even have any meaning.

Paper Doll is an attempted Ballad/rap track. I couldn’t exactly focus on the background music since her vocals pretty much sounded bad enough to make the song less enjoyable. Yeah I know, totally not Ayu.

Gut it-pez doesn’t make the album any better since there’s pretty much nothing. There’s no melody or anything, just singing with a bunch of random people.

Finally! We’re almost done! Nothing from Nothing (album version) is even worst than the original version since there’s actually nothing relevant! (except the main melody) It’s just like Gut it-pex, random singing!

Oh… my ears….I’m so glad Ayu took voice lessons after this.

Personal Rating: 1/5


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