RE: Acid Queen

RE: Acid QueenArtist: Ayaka Ikio
Release Date: January 14, 2009
Label: Rainbow Entertainment
Personal Rating: 3.5/5

1. RE:
2. Spin Me Round
3. Mess Up My Body
4. LoLLyPoP
5. Pain Killer
6. Spiral Storage
7. Spin Me Round (cargo REMIX)

I forgot to put Ayaka Ikio on the “upcoming list” but here she is! I started listening to her last week so I downloaded both of her mini albums and got a pretty positive impression from her instrumentals! And yes, you read the release date right, she started earlier this year!

RE: sounded pretty electrifying. There’s so much electronioca and that bit of the synch weaving within the awesome instrumentals. It’s pretty hard to hear what Ikio was saying but hey, that’s called the Power of the Instrumentals! Too bad it was just an opening track.

Just like the first track, Spin Me Round is another addicting track. During the whole song, there’s a chorus singing with a normal pitch compared to Ikio’s. I’ve gotta admit that her vocals sounded a little weird which gives me the impression that she relies on the instrumentals to make her songs have a nice effect. Hope she doesn’t rely on them for other songs!

Mess Up My Body has a similar arrangement as “Spin me Round” but with a total difference in the lyrics. There’s still that techno and electronica feeling to it but then there’s Ikio swearing in a way that it goes with the song.

LoLLyPoP sounds a bit more mature than the past songs. For the most part, the background sound doesn’t really match the awesomeness that was played in “Spin me Round.” There’s also more swearing when she sings and her English sounds a bit like Engrish.

Now Pain Killer turns the tide of the whole album and captivates the listener’s attention again! It still doesn’t beat the past tracks but Ikio’s vocals depends less on the instrumentals since this time, her singing was more into the song than the instrumental. (How should I say this- her instrumentals became “dull?”) Well, at least it’s still better than “LoLLyPoP.”

Finally, Spiral Storage is totally worth the listen! (Even though it STILL doesn’t beat “Spin me Round.”) There’s still the case where she depends on the instrumentals- which are catchy this time- and there’s still that “touch in to the song. But for some reason, Ikio’s vocals sounds a bit different in pitch. I thought that it was good for an ending track, though.

The Spin Me Round (cargo REMIX) makes the original sound even more powerful and memorable since this remix made it sound really weird.

Personal Rating: 3.5/5


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