Shiawase no Kane

ShiawasenokaneArtist: Alan
Release Date: May 20, 2008
Label: Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 5/5

1. Shiawase no Kane
Shiawase no Kane was Alan’s first digital single so it wasn’t sold in stores nor was it really as well known to Alan fans. (I actually found th is song by mistake on iTunes.) It was a project that Alan used to help aid the victims in her local state. (Donated to her nearby “Red Cross” hospital.) Well, I have to be honest and say that this was a really impressive digital single! And her voice is truly beautiful which isn’t surprising since her songs always use the best of her talents. It’s obviously a ballad but it’s not as good as “Hitotsu” or “Ashita e no Sanka.” (The two singles released before this one was released.) Still…it gets a full rating.

Personal Rating: 5/5


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