Nakitai Nara

Artist: Hitomi Shimatani
Release Date: March 19, 2008
Label :Avex Trax
Personal Rating: 3.5/5

1. Nakitai Nara
2. Kuchizuke Shiyou
3. Nakitai Nara (Instrumental)
4. Kuchizuke Shiyou (Instrumental)
I happened to have heard about Hitomi Shimatani since I watched Inuyasha in which one of her songs were used for the sixth opening theme. (I reviewed the single with “Angelus” a while back but reviewing another Hitomi Shimatani single bring back memories for some reason.) I also heard that another one of her songs were used for an anime called “Law of Ueki” so after watching the episode when it was first used, I decided to get myself to review more Hitomi Shimatani singles!

Judging from the title, I thought that Nakitai Nara was a ballad and I guess was right! But I was certainly not expecting a melonchonly ballad from Hitomi Shimatani!So the song begins with a light and slow introduction of instrumentals and vocals but goes a little bit faster throughout the song. However, this ballad actually sounded too sad, I guess that’s why it was called “Nakitai Nara,” which means “If I want to Cry” in english. But thing about this song is that it didn’t really sound like the kind of ballad that someone would listen to more than at least five times. It’s okay but it sounds a little bit too….simple or something along those lines. I wonder what inspired her to write the song because she’s usually upbeat and positive.

Somehow, I thought Kuchizuke Shiyou sounded more of a happier ballad. Not that I only listen to happy songs, it just that after listening to “Nakitai Nara,” I thought that this was less gloomy. I’ve heard from other people that Hitomi’s ballads are usually bland and plain but I’ll bluntly state that “Kuchizuke Shiyou” was an exception. I thought that this was much more well written than the first track.

I think Shimatani tried a new style for her music but it turns out that the way she wrote the ballads made people want to cry. If anyone was down in the dumps and listened to the songs featured in the single, I think it would leave them feeling a bit more gloomy. Personally, I think she should stick with her uplifting and positive style.

Personal Rating: 3.5/5


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