Happy New Years!

So let’s cut to the chase shall we? It’s about an hour before the new years count down so I’ll write mot post for as long as possible until it’s time to turn off the computer. They say that if your first post is very long, it means that their blog would last longer. (My past websites only lasted for like eight months at the maximum.) So let’s cross our fingers as I attempt to make this “belief” come ture. Ready…set…GO!

I’m currently a Freshman in High School. (It’s like the middle of winter break right now and second semester starts in a week.) I thought that a blog would look good on my college application so I just went onto Blogspot and decided to start my blog. Now what’s this blog going to be about, you ask?

It turns out that one of my major interests tend to be listening to J-pop music, reading books, watching anime and playing video games. It seems like I have no life but I am somehow able to squeeze all of it into my already busy schedule. I thought that I would start a rambling blog but it’s already really hard to keep my privacy online so that was obviously not going to work. So that’s what got me into the idea of maintaining a review blog. But how was I able to decide how I what I was going to review?

At first, I had my sights on reviewing video games. Apparently, I actually don’t own that many games (like 30) so if I was able to review about 30 games in a few months from now, what would there to post about in the future? It’s not like I could write a review once a month; that’s just not the same as “maintaining” since we own sites to be interested in posting. I was targeting for the blog to last until graduation in four years so reviewing video games didn’t cut it.

So I thought of reviewing books. Sure reading books was really my thing and that it’s one of the few things that could help expand my blog reader’s knowlegde on books. But nowadays, I just haven’t gotten the time to finish reading so many books. Besides, how was I supposed to review it? Creating categories and rating the books if they had the following elements? Sure the theme of reviewing is “opinion” but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to actually get into the program of updating twice a week if I don’t complete a book. So reviewing books was out of the question.

Now all that there’s left is reviewing anime or J-pop.

Anime has a wide variety of series to review from. (Since I happen to have watched more than 50 already.) At the time, I was debating whether I should write a reivew on them or write summaries episodes per episodes. Now you see, I’ve owned an anime summary website in the past called “Traumerei.” It only lasted for four months but it was a really fun experience. I was actually only able to summarize 4 episodes our of a 24 episode series since I tend to make my summaries wordy and lenghty. It’s obvious that I lost interest in the site because summarizing just one episode already took an hour and a half. I definitely don’t have the bandwidth or time to summarize anime episodes.

Now there’s a a second part of the anime category that I was going to do and that was reviewing anime. It’s just like my concept of reviewing books: How am I supposed to review animes? If it takes so much time to watch the whole series just to post only one review, then how would the small amount of posts on a blog supposed to show “mainteinence” skills? It’s simple: I just needed something easier to review.

Which lead me to my conclusion: J-pop review. It was all easy, all I have to do a is to write a consise track-by-track review on a J-pop release. Since I’ve already listened to every song on my 2nd generation iPod Nano (which contained over 1,505 songs and over 400 albums and singles) I would probably have no problem reviewing and posting for the next six months. And if I ever do run out of music to review, the next solution was simple: just keep on listening to more music. At least if I expand my blogroll with other J-pop sites, I would be able to learn more about new artists that I’ve never heard about and feature them on the site.

Looks like time is up! There’s about 10 minutes left until the countdown do it’s about time to turn off now. Hey, you’ve managed to read this extremely boring and long post but now you know what’s going to be posted on the next three and a half years: J-pop reviews!

So hello, my name is Arisa (Eve) and I’m the new J-pop blogger across the street!


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